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MJX F45 2.4G 4ch rc helicopter model with Brushless motor (RTF)

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RC Helicopter MJX F45

MJX F45 is one of the most popular 4ch sigle-blade helicopter with beautiful design and perfect quality.

However,it still has many points to be upgraded,for example,the Brush Motor is easily worn after a short

time operation.What should we do?

After a long-time design and lots of tests,our team successed to find a good Brushless Motor

System to upgrade the main motor system,this is a huge progress to F45.

The advantages of brushless motor:

1. No brush,low interference

Getting rid of the brush, the most immediate change is that there is no spark when brushless motor works,

it greatly reduces the spark interference on the remote control radio equipment.

2. low noise, smooth operation

Without the brush,the friction force will be greatly reduced.smooth running and low noise.This advantage

is a huge support for the stability of the model.Without the brush,the friction force will be greatly reduced.

smooth running and low noise.This advantage is a huge support for the stability of the model.

3. Long life, low maintenance costs

without the brush,the main abrasion of motor is the bearing.Brushless motor is virtually a maintenance-free


Funny is priceless! Spending a little more money to buy a good motor is better than buying a cheap brush


1x Brushless Motor> 100x Brush Motor


Exact location and perfect design


Double circuit board

The upper circuit board is original receiving PCB.On this board you can see there are many plugs,including

a special plug for Camera set.

The lower circuit board is "ESC",it is a special board to control the brushless motor.


This ESC board is designed and made by famouse PCB manufactory.

High quality with masterly wiring.


Details decide Quality

1.Thick main wire can support strong electric current (over 20A) passing and won't get hot


Details decide Quality

2. Elegant wiring,masterly make the wires steer clear of the slewing axis and the can avoid

many accidents happened.


Details decide Quality

3.Before shipping,all the gear will be lubricated.A full gear grease lubricant will come with the helicopter as

a gift to you


Good Assistant: Grease Lubricant,it is a gift to you.





>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Indoor Shot>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>





<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Outdoor heroic bearing<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


MJX F45-8.jpg

MJX F45-10.jpg

I enjoy flying in the sky

Turn left or turn right

MJX F45-1.jpg

Sideward flying directly

MJX F45-5.jpg

Stable hovering

The single "eye"is looking to you

MJX F45-6.jpg

MJX F45-7.jpg

"Green Brother"

MJX F45-2.jpg

I can also make you enjoy the sky

MJX F45-3.jpg

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Camera System<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


The camera is mounted at the bottom of the helicopter.

MJX F45-13.jpg

Taking photo Model

MJX F45-14.jpg

Taking video Model

MJX F45-15.jpg

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Relational Parts<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Traning landing kit

This kit is great for beginners or experts who are trying out new helicopters or new set-ups. It helps balance helicopter an it greatly prevents blades or other expensive parts from tilting and hitting the ground of any obstacles,thus saving costly damage.



2600mAh 25C super Li-po battery

Would you believe that it can make your helicopter fly over 20 mins?



Following options correspond to different sets, please select the correct one you like.

The more you buy,the more gift you will get

Option 1=$119

standard 1.jpg

Option 2=$139

standard 2.jpg

Option 3=$149

standard 3.jpg

Option 4=$148

standard 4.jpg



Option 5=$168

standard 6.jpg


Option 6=$208

This is a crazy set,2 pieces of 2600mAhbatteries can make you keep crazy for over 60 mins. This is a supreme set with lots of gifts. Enjoy the sky!

standard 5.jpg


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